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May 4, 2019

Dumbprov 34 - That Whole Fetish Thing

Starring Chris Flail and JC Roth

Want to help support the show? is literally going to save this show, eventually, because life is f#cking with all of us so much that if you don't join our patreon we might just drive a gorram semi truck into your living room STOP TYPING ROB shut up Jason this needs to be said NO ROB THAT'S ILLEGAL IT'S A THREAT I don't know what you're talking about Bryan, I'm obviously just a parody of a real suicidal trucker ROB NO YOU CAN'T nah man I'll be fine just let me float these gears into this living room like Pennywise doing balloon animals at a kids party SOMEBODY PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON SO ROB DOESN'T CAUSE A TRUCK REFORM CAMPAIGN ON ARCHIVE DOT ORG