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Jul 22, 2017

Dumbprov 8 - Pigeon Rolls

Get ready to get weird! Not everything goes as planned and this is the perfect example of that, but if there's beauty in failure this one is a goddamn prom queen!

The Guests!
Matt of That Movie Podcast and Forbidden Podcast
Nathan of Nerd Noise Podcast


The Music!
Amandolin Rostykus

Jul 8, 2017

Dumbprov 7 - Pubies

Spoonerisms, lies, and pipe dreams.

The Guests!
Stacey of That Movie Podcast
Dakota of D.W. Simpson Music

Jamie Campbell's Comedy 


The Music!
Amandolin Rostykus

The Hosts!
Jason and Rob

The Host's Other Shows!
That Movie Podcast

Firefly Podcast
Idjits: A...